The Fire

WOW!  This summer has been wild, and I can’t believe that Carver Dental has made it through nearly 2 months already.

I like to think I’m a pretty deliberate and prepared person, but I’m not sure anything could have prepared me for the craziness of opening a business.

June was wild; every day I felt like I was running around with my hair on fire (my credit card was definitely smoking too).  There were so many instruments and supplies to get, systems to organize, and details to work out.  When Jill and Cindi showed up for their first day of work and I finally had some help, I felt like giving them a hug!

June 26th was a day I’ll never forget, I had been waiting SOOOO long and had been working really hard to bring this thing to Carver; and it was finally happening.  Never mind that our internet service had only been hooked up a few hours before and we still felt a little lost, Carver Dental was finally open, and that’s really all that mattered.

Over the next few weeks I poured everything I had into the details; I wanted to make sure that when patients walked in it seemed like we had been open for years, not days.  I’d work all day, come home and see my family for a few minutes, and head back to the office until midnight.  One night the Carver County Sheriff even stopped in to check on me!

My wife Kelsey was probably wondering what I had gotten myself into, but things slowly started to get better and fall into place.  My ‘to-do’ list got shorter, I started getting home (and staying home) at a normal time of day, and my life got some of the balance back that had been missing.

Things still aren’t perfect, and maybe they never will be, but we’re working on it.  We’re ALWAYS working on it, always striving to get better.  Thanks to everyone who has supported Carver Dental over our first couple of months.  We’ll always be grateful to you.