Patient Comfort

Unfortunately, dental treatment can have a reputation for potentially being unpleasant.  Dr. Adam Holder and the team at Carver Dental are aware of this reputation and doing their part to change it.

Without a doubt, the injection of local anesthesia (numbing medicine/novocaine) can be the most uncomfortable of dental procedures; bringing feelings of angst and fear to patients of all ages.  Thankfully, new instruments and techniques can make the administration of local anesthesia nearly unnoticeable.


The Problem

Many dentists have not moved on from the days of syringes and needles. Although they usually are effective, these instruments have negative attributes as well:

  • They can be intimidating or scary for kids and adults.
  • They can be sharp and painful.

Other patient comfort considerations have also been neglected, such as privacy during treatment and relaxation in the dental chair.


The Consequences

Patients who have poor dental experiences (including the injection of local anesthesia) typically hold on to that event for a long time, which causes:

  • Fear and anxiety toward dental treatment.
  • Avoidance or dental neglect; allowing small problems that could have been prevented or easily treated to become larger, more time consuming, and more costly.


The Solution

While certain situations may still call for the traditional delivery of local anesthesia, we have invested in several innovations that are sure to make your experience a good one:

  • ‘The Wand’ computer-aided anesthesia system.  Instead of a traditional dental syringe; anesthetic is delivered through a small pen-like device making it more comfortable and less intimidating.
  • The ‘Dental Vibe’ comfort system, which is another small device th sends tiny vibrations to the anesthesia site to reduce discomfort.
  • Buffered anesthetic.  Traditional anesthetic is quite acidic and painful when injected into natural body tissues. By buffering the anesthetic, it allows for less painful administration as well as a quicker and more profound affect.

In addition, our treatment rooms feature privacy doors to minimize noise and distractions as well as plush dental chairs, which include a massage feature.


The Benefits

Decreased pain and anxiety, and increased comfort and effectiveness.  What’s not to love?  With cutting-edge technology at Carver Dental your comfort is prioritized and ensured; even through the most difficult of dental procedures.


Patient Comfort at Carver Dental

Dentistry has historically had a less than ideal reputation but rest assured that patient comfort is our absolute top priority at Carver Dental.  From neck pillows and massaging dental chairs, to needleless and painless injections, we’re committed to providing our patients with the most comfortable dental experience around.

If you’ve had painful or negative dental experiences in the past, please the patient and kind team at Carver Dental today.  We can’t wait to show you how comfortable dentistry can be.