Sedation dentistry is a terrific service for those people that struggle with fear or anxiety; or those who just wish to enjoy a more pleasant and relaxing dental experience. Safe and reliable; sedation dentistry is a proven treatment option for those seeking enhanced relaxation techniques.


The Problem

Sedation dentistry may be preferred in these situations:

  • People with fear or anxiety of dental treatment.
  • People who have avoided needed dental work for a long time.
  • Procedures that require more time than normal.
  • People who wish to be ‘asleep’ during their appointment.


The Consequences

Unfortunately, putting off preventative measures and needed dental treatment because of fear and anxiety only makes things worse:

  • Dental problems begin to occur that could have been prevented.
  • Small problems that could be fixed simply become big problems that are more difficult treat.
  • Dental treatment becomes more time consuming and more costly.


The Solution

Sadly, many patients either struggle through their dental appointments or avoid needed visits all together; which only increases their negative feelings.

The great news is that sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to manage this problem! Patients who never thought they could tolerate a dental appointment are able to relax and even sleep through the most difficult procedures.

Sedation dentistry requires a consultation appointment before treatment to ensure that those receiving it are in good health and understand what is to be expected. Here is a general outline of what sedation dentistry entails after an appropriate evaluation and consultation:

  • Medication is administered based on discussion between the doctor and patient that will make the patient relaxed and sleepy (but not unconscious).
  • The amount of medication and level of sedation can be tailored to each individual person depending on their needs and desires.
  • Dental treatment will occur as usual but the patient will remember very little if any of it. The treatment will also seem like it only lasted for just a few minutes!
  • Patients are allowed to relax and ‘wake up’ for several minutes before going home with appropriate transportation that is arranged beforehand.


The Benefits

Sedation dentistry is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits:

  • It allows patients to receive needed treatment calmly and comfortably.
  • Long or difficult appointments become easy.
  • Patients who have avoided treatment due to fear or anxiety are able to get their mouths healthy again.


Sedation at Carver Dental

Carver Dental is uniquely equipped to provide sedation dentistry. An oversized treatment suite, adjustable lighting, pillows and blankets assure the comfort of your appointment.

Dr. Holder received sedation training through his Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency and has helped hundreds of anxious patients through the most difficult of procedures. He is also a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology; which provides up to date education on sedation safety and technique.

Fear and anxiety about dental treatment is extremely common. You are not alone! Please reach out to the friendly team at Carver Dental today, we can’t wait to help you.