Tooth Removal

When trauma or disease damage teeth to the extent that they cannot be repaired, or if wisdom teeth are impacted or positioned poorly; tooth removal or extraction is required to prevent potential pain or infection.  While this may not be an ideal situation, Dr. Holder and the caring team at Carver Dental will do everything possible to make this experience painless and worry-free.


The Problem

Tooth removal or extraction may become necessary in some of these situations:

  • Teeth are damaged beyond repair by trauma or dental disease.
  • Teeth become very painful or get infected.
  • Children have primary (baby) teeth that are impeding the progress of their permanent (adult) teeth.
  • Space needs to be made because teeth are crowded or misaligned.
  • Wisdom teeth are impacted or causing pain.


The Consequences

While the potential need for tooth removal or extraction may be daunting, at Carver Dental we strive to make this procedure as quick and easy for patients as possible.  If you are in need of having a tooth removed and don’t follow through, you are at risk for more serious problems:

  • Infections that can cause pain.
  • Damage to other nearby teeth.
  • Bone loss.


The Solution

We will exhaust all options to save your natural teeth, but occasionally a situation arises in which nothing more can be done and a tooth needs to be removed or extracted.  If you are in need of this procedure, here is an overview of what you can expect:

  • Numbing medicine will be applied to the area of need ensuring that treatment is pain free.
  • The tooth will be loosened and removed.
  • The area will be rinsed to help prevent subsequent infection and a dissolvable stitch may be put in.
  • Care instructions will be given so proper healing can occur.
  • Recovery typically consists of mild soreness for 2-3 days that can be adequately controlled by over-the-counter pain medication.


The Benefits

There may not seem to be any benefits of having one or several teeth removed but typically this procedure is done to prevent larger problems in the future; like severe pain, infection, or bone loss.

In the case of impacted or poorly positioned wisdom teeth, it is often much safer and easier to take out these teeth before problems occur.  Younger patients typically heal faster and experience fewer complications than older ones.


Tooth Removal at Carver Dental

In the event that a tooth needs to be extracted or removed; Dr. Holder’s extensive surgical training and experience make Carver Dental the ideal place to be.  Additional options such as sedation or same day placement of dental implants can make losing a tooth more tolerable.

If you’re in need of having one or several teeth taken out please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll do everything possible to make your experience a pleasant one.